Do you know what every kid and teenager needs? 

One caring adult. 

The most powerful tool we have to help kids and teens heal from mental health challenges is you. 

Love and empathy influence the brain in powerful ways. 

That’s why I write books like SEEN and Beyond the Spiral with Dr. Chinwé Williams. 

That’s why I created courses for parents like Parenting with Mental Health in Mind. 

That’s why I give keynotes for churches, schools, and organizations that influence kids and teens. 

Because the world needs you and your presence matters. 

You matter. 

When you show up in a kid's or teen’s life, it might feel irrelevant. 

But to a preschooler, it’s safety

To an elementary schooler, it’s affirmation.

To a middle schooler, it’s being known

To a high schooler, confidence

To a young adult, it’s counsel

I believe in you and the hope you bring. 

Let’s spread some hope together. 


Will Hutcherson

Also, I have an official bio below. 

Official Bio

Will Hutcherson is an author, speaker, and pastor. Will has been a Next Gen and Student Pastor for over 15 years. Over the past several years he has become increasingly passionate about finding practical ways to bring hope to kids and teens who are facing increasing amounts of anxiety, depression, and despair. This led to him starting Curate Hope, a non-profit that focuses on suicide prevention, mental health awareness, and partnering with schools, churches, and parents to help heal despair in teens. Will seeks to build a bridge between the local church and the schools and families that are navigating this mental health crisis. Through Curate Hope, Will speaks in public schools across the country, letting  students know that there is always hope.

Will is a co-author of two books:

SEEN: Healing Despair and Anxiety in Kids and Teens Through the Power of Connection and

Beyond the Spiral: Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything Anxiety Tells You. 

He lives in the sunshine state with his wife Arianne and three kids. .

Monday at a public school, Wednesday at a conference full of entrepreneurs, or Sunday at a church. These are just 3 of the places Will could speak in a given week. While they all seem different, there is one thing in common: They all hear a message of Hope.
Whether it is a group of volunteers at a nonprofit, a select group of philanthropists, or a conference filled with Fortune 500 executives, they all need hope, and spreading it has become Will’s passion. We won’t say he’s addicted to being on a stage, encouraging people with a message of hope, but he is getting close.’