Whether speaking at a church, a conference, or a business event, Will is passionate about communicating truths in a way that is hopeful, inspiring, and might even make you laugh.

What to Expect…


Number one audience feedback from Will’s presentation is relatability. Will shares real-life stories and customizes each keynote to your audience, whether your event is for parents, teachers, business leaders, or students.


A keynote is more than a lecture, it's an experience. Will’s speaking style is fun and humor filled. He makes a serious topic feel light so the audience walks away with hope.

Grounded in Research and Scripture

Connection is a powerful healing tool. Will explains and demonstrates how the groundbreaking neuroscientific research of connection can influence your workplace, home, school, or church.

Actionable Steps

Each keynote or presentation is crafted with actionable steps. which can help your audience improve their mindset, reduce anxiety, and promote healthy relational connection.

Most Requested Topics

Student Presentations

  • Finding Hope / Flip the Script.
  • Kindness and Loving Others.
  • How to Support a Friend in Despair.
  • How to Cope with Anxiety.

Parent Presentations

  • SEEN
  • Connection Tools.
  • How to Help your Kids Cope with Anxiety
  • Technology and Teens.

Leader and Business Presentations

  • Increasing Empathy in the Workplace.
  • Breaking the Spiral.
  • Creating Rhythms and Energy Management tools.

Church Presentations

  • Connecting with Kids and Teens.
  • Hope.
  • Mental Health in the Church.
  • Navigating Conversations.

School Presentations

Curate Hope is a non-religious non-profit that provides mental health presentations for public and private middle and high schools. Our method is to combine brilliant mental health professionals with professional communicators and entertainers to create a powerful, memorable presentation that gives students hope.

Our presentations are a blend of inspiration, hope, and high-energy fun.


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