Beyond the Spiral

"Beyond the Spiral" is written for teenagers and young adults. It is a must-read for anyone who has ever struggled with anxiety or knows someone who has. With a unique blend of personal experience, neuroscience, professional expertise, and spiritual insights, the authors provide a comprehensive and compassionate guide to understanding anxiety and overcoming its grip.


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Will and Dr. Chinwe identify the six most common lies that anxiety tells us. Then combine their clinical, pastoral and parental experience to give teenagers and young adults proven, successful action steps to counter each lie.

  • Learn to identify each lie that anxiety tells you
  • Uncover the underlying reasons that make the lies sound so real
  • Learn proven techniques that you can use today to take back control
  • Experience life the way it is meant to be
The spiral intensifies until something breaks the spiral

I have been waiting for a practical resource to help young people navigate panic, stress and anxiety, and here it is. Most young people will see themselves in the pages of this book as it addresses the lies our anxiety tells us that can cause us to spiral, leading to unhealthy responses. Will and Dr. Chinwe` provide easy-to-apply tools to confront the lies, understand what's true, take action and invite God into the whole process. This book is a game changer.

Ally Evans

Ally Evans

NextGen Leader, Life.Church

"Beyond the Spiral" is a must read for anyone who loves and cares for a young person. In this day and age, teens and emerging adults are suffering from anxiety like never before and the consequences are heartbreaking. Dr. Williams and Will have again combined faith and clinical principles to provide caregivers with important steps forward helping young people manage the tough moments in life.

Dr. Layla Bonner

Dr. Layla Bonner, LMFT, NCC

Assistant Professor in the Master of Arts degree program in Mental Health Counseling at Belmont University

Anxiety has always been a part of the human experience, but the level of anxiety people are now experiencing has never been higher. This is especially true of the emerging generation. The good news is that experts Dr. Chinwe` Williams and Will Hutcherson have compiled an effective, easy to read, very practical manual to help young peple - and those of ages - overcome anxiety. The book includes easy to remember exercises that will lead you to God's peace in the midst of the storms of life that come your way.

Dr. Alan Ehler

Dr. Alan Ehler

Southern University Professor, Pastor, and Author of How to Make Big Decisions Wisely (Zondervan)